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Easy-Kit Laserkits for Dollshouse furnitures

Part 1 - The assembly
(Part 2 - The Painting will come later)
Since 2018 we offer our customers laser-cut furniture kits under the name Easy Kit. Easy kit kits are quite sophisticated kits, designed and manufactured by ourselves. Easy Kit not in the sense of primitive, but we strive to make assembling the components as easy as possible for our customers. A well thought out construction, and a very detailed step-by-step-instructions should help.
Here are some useful tips for our customers. If you have any questions, please send us an email (english or german) to post@puppenstuebchen.com.

What you need

The most important thing for assembling the kits, take time. A flat and firm surface is equally important, this is a coated furniture plate, a glass plate or an old kitchen worktop. Woodglue is needed because our kits are made of MDF, a wooden chipboard. Useful aids are clamps, but these should not be too big. Sandpaper (240 grit) is needed, I also use a wooden stick on the photos to remove the glue residue. Last but not least you need one of our laserkits, we've selected the kit kitchen sink 613.

The socket

Anyone who has already assembled more than one of our kits will find that work steps are repeated. The base usually consists of 3 panels, two upper ones to achieve a realistic gradation, and a lower panel to make the baseboards easier to glue. All 3 panels are positioned exactly on top of each other using 2 assembly aids (tools) and bonded with wood glue.
The 4 round openings later serve to fasten the cabinet doors. The kitchen sink 613 contains 4 cabinet doors, therefore also 4 openings on the pics.  
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
Sand the tools sideways, and glue the 3 paneels together according to the instructions. Make sure that you do not stick the tools, because they are not a component and will be removed later.
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
The lower base plate is used for easy installation of the baseboards. The baseboards can look different in other kits, but the principle is the same. Then the base plate turn and burden with something, until the wood glue has dried. We used the homemade baked apple jam :)
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze

The middle part

The middle part usually starts with the back wall, from the middle to the outside. The components are inserted into one another with the help of the existing toothings, and additionally glued. The tootings only used to position the parts accurately.
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
Please note ! Do not apply the wood glue too sparingly, it should always leak some glue when pressed. Remove leaking glue residues after a short drying time before the glue hardens.
I usually use a wooden stick to remove the glue residue. Two small clamping clamps are very useful for pressing the splices.
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
You may wonder why the components do not fall out of the plate ;) The reason is very small interruptions in the laser cut, only to be recognized if you hold the plate against the light. When you press the components break these interruptions, and there is a small unevenness on the component back. These should be removed.
Please note ! Sand the straight edges of all components with sandpaper to remove unevennesses !
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
The middle part of our kitchen 613 sink is almost finished, just glue the side walls. Pay attention to the small corners on the shelves. These corners fit very precisely in the corresponding recesses of the side walls, and ensure an exact distance of the shelves. Side walls and back wall must be flush.
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
Then place the middle section on the already finished socket and glue it on. The worktop always consists of 3 or 4 panels, which are glued on top of each other. As a result, we achieve a realistic gradation, oblique cuts are unfortunately not possible with the laser. The toothing with the side walls ensures exact positioning of the plates.
Our cabinet becomes even more realistic if you round off all outer corners and edges of the boards with sandpaper. Finally, turn the cupboard and complain, here again our baked apple jam serves well. Tastes delicious, but is not included in the kit :)

The doors

We've tried a lot on how best to attach the cabinet doors, and the nail method has worked well. The cabinet doors contain an opening on both sides, into which a small nail is later inserted. The door is held with it and is movable. The cabinet doors of all kits are assembled according to the same principle and fastened in the cabinet.
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
For the assembly of the cabinet doors, 3 parts are glued on top of each other, the middle component contains 2 openings, where the nails are inserted later. Our kit 613 kitchen sink is engraved with lines that should be scraped out with a pointed tool, e.g. Knife.
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
The kit contains two wooden boards as a tool to position the three components exactly one above the other. Place the finished cabinet door on a flat surface and press it between the boards. In doing so, turn the component more often 90 degrees, in between compress the components additionally by pressure from above. Sounds complicated, but it's simple, and works very well in our experience. Carefully straighten the edges at the end.
Our kitchen kit 613 sink contains a special feature, doors with grid. If these grids are to be treated differently colored than the entire cabinet, we recommend to carry out the following steps at this point. Part 2 is about painting the cabinet later.
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
Glue the outer frame to the middle component with the recesses. Now prime the frame and the lattice dark, we used glaze walnut. Then treat the frames with paint on the front side. After drying the paint, glue the lattice part on the back side. The door can be repainted later, the grid still painted walnut.
To fix the doors later in the cabinet, a nail without a head is now glued into the upper opening, I use a drop of superglue. The nail should protrude a maximum of 2 millimeters, use the mounting aid of the base plate (2 mm / 0,08 inches thick) as a gauge. By gluing the nail you decide if it will be a left or a right door.
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
Please note ! To open the cabinet door, the outer edge on the side with the nail must be rounded off. Sand the edge carefully with sandpaper about 1 mm round.
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
Now insert the door into the cabinet and push the nail into the upper opening. Now gently push the nail with head into the corresponding opening on the underside. If you do not press the nail too deeply, it can be removed at any time and the door can be removed (for painting, for example).

The drawers

Our kit 613 kitchen sink contains only 2 drawers, but there is also a kit with 22 drawers ;) But do not worry, drawers are always the same structure. With the help of 2 assembly boards and toothings, all drawers can be easily mounted.
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
The drawer is always assembled from 4 parts. The drawer front can be made in one piece, with our kit 613 kitchen sink the front of 3 components is completed. For exact alignment of the components, use the two small boards (tools) again.
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
Finally, remove small bumps on all sides with sandpaper, the drawer should then fit into the opening. It may happen that drawers pinch, and must get sand well-fitting.

The sink

Finally, our kit 613 kitchen sink still missing the most important thing, the sink. This is made of 3mm thick MDF components and is assembled according to the instructions. Let the wood glue dry for half an hour, then sand the joints well.
Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze Laserbausätze
Sand the front edges for a realistic look. Push the sink into the opening and we're done! The water connection is provided by the installer ;)
The result can be seen, our kitchen sink is ready now !
Part 2 is about the Painting of our kits with our shabby paints, as well as the typical shabby style. In Germany the typical shabby-style is very modern at the moment, so make something new to old and used.
Please write us your experiences, we are very interested in what we could improve in the future. Were there any problems with the assembly, or with the instructions? Send an Email to post@puppenstuebchen.com.
Our online shop is not in English and has no form for international addresses yet. If you would like to order something, please send an email to post@puppenstuebchen.com. Shipping costs are about 7-15 EUR, and depend on the weight of the order. We will write any costs in advance by email.
We recommend US customers to our Etsy-Shop, where we offer more and more items:
Also you meet us on miniature shows in the U.S. in Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia.
And in the end, please excuse my English is not very good. But I´m learning by doing :)
Thank you very much.
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